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Signet Pavement Supply Attends PCTC Seminar on Refined Tar-Based Sealants @NPE.

Hats off to the Pavement Coatings Technology Council for their work on the issues surrounding Coal Tar Based Asphalt Sealant.  I thought that this seminar was well presented and informative.  Rather than look at Coal Tar as a primary source of PAH’s released into our environment (less than 1%, according to the PCTC), we should first concentrate more closely on the larger contributors centering in and around the automotive industry.  Vehicle exhaust, tire particles from wear, and drippings of petrochemicals all factor into the health of our environment at a much more alarming rate in comparison to coal tar.

They also brought information forward that the original studies in Austin, TX. may be flawed or incomplete.  This partly relates to the fact that since the ban, the levels of PAH’s in Barton Springs Creek have remained the same.  Given that this waterway is spring fed, nature constantly is recharging it with fresh water.  These numbers should of went down and according to the PCTC, they have not. 

As a whole, we all want to do the right thing for our future.  Let’s not grab the lowest hanging fruit and gather more scientific information before we hurt the pavement maintenance industry anymore.  Let’s allow both sides to be heard and make the best decisions for everyone involved going forward.

We will be posting the PCTC’s video presentation on our blog VERY SOON…Stay tuned…

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